Now we are able to offer a selection of exciting walking tours of London!

Experienced guides will give insights into some of the less known parts of the city that the traditional sightseeing tours don't cover.

Small groups and relaxed atmosphere!

All the guided tours below cost  £5  each


 Walks Description Date Time Meeting Point
Haunted Hampstead An hour long stroll around the eeriest parts of charming Hampstead! Some of the most fascinating corners of this historic area, including the churchyard that inspired Bram Stokes, author of " Dracula"! Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun 8:00pm Outside Hampstead Tube station

(Northern Line)


Hookers Bones & Bridget Jones:

Borough &

London Bridge


Tour of Borough and London Bridge area encompassing the scene of the recent Bridget Jones movie and the site of a prostitutes' cemetery. The walk goes on through the historical south work taking in the maritime, medical and entertainment history of the area as well as current attractions, an expanding range of restaurants and bars and some very well hidden night-clubs. Loosely based on the themes of sex and disease the tour explains why people for centuries came south for pleasure and also the concentration of hospitals and medical study. Wed * 7:30pm Outside London Bridge Tube Station - Borough High Street Exit West side outside Nat West Bank

No one else walks here we don't care:

Bermondsey &

Shad Thames


This walk concentrates on Bermondsey and especially the rapidly changing Tooley Street and Shad Thames area. For years deemed fit only for football violence and as a back drop for bad British cop shows the area has been transformed recently with shops, apartments, restaurants and the new Greater London Authority building. However it's only right that you should be shown where the plague pits are and where Bill Sykes meets his end in the musical Oliver as well as the attractive waterfront and museums. 90 minutes of architectural and social contrast finishing near a bar where a robot will mix you cocktails. This walk offers stunning views and aspects of London that you might never find otherwise only yards from the main tourist routes Wed* 7:30pm Outside London Bridge Tube Station - Tooley Street exit by Starbucks

And if you want to know your history...everything starts with a B!:

Bankside to Blackfrias


Booming Bankside to Blackfriars, Bards, Bordellos, Bear Baiting and Breweries are covered in this walking tour of Bankside starting at Borough and ending in a rather nice old pub near Blackfriars Bridge. The completion of the Tate Modern and the Millennium bridge set the seal on an area that is returning to something like it's former glory as London's entertainment centre. But why was there hay hanging in bales from the bridge? What is a lewd fricatrix? How did a Hyena cause a diplomatic incident in a brewery? And just what was god's banker doing hanging under Blackfriars Bridge? Find out answers to these questions as well what's occurring on the Bankside now and about it's colourful past. Wed* 7:30pm London Bridge Tube station- Borough high street exit west side outside Nat West Bank

I beg you pardon I never promised you a pleasure garden:

 Vauxhall &

The Thames


Tour of Vauxhall and the Thames from Vauxhall Bridge to Westminster covering the history of the British Secret Services and the wonderful Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens as well as the current thriving night-club scene on the same spot. More night-clubs per square foot than almost anywhere else in London, more spies than you'd care to mention and thousands of masked revellers. Well no they're long gone sadly. From the underground clubs of SW8 to the underground city in SW1 you might say passing MI5 and MI6 en route. Mr. Bond would approve. Wed* 7:30pm Outside Vauxhall Tube station. BR exit one by post box.
NW1 straight to Camden Walking tour through Camden Town covering the links between the area and Britainís pop music from the Stones to Oasis via Punk and the New Romantics as well as a general history of the area. Find out why a relatively anonymous North London suburb became host to one of the most famous markets in the World and where 300 people saw the devil appear. Those of a cautious disposition might like know where the bomb shelter is, built for those (un)lucky souls selected to survive a nuclear war and others where the four castles are. Wed* 7:30pm Outside Morning Crescent Tube station by the statue of Richard Cobden. Turn right out of tube.

Absolute beginners tour of Notting Hill


Itís nothing like the movie, its far better and more diverse than that. The only area in London to go from rich to poor and back again, twice. Home to Britainís oldest cinema and setting for two of the most important books of the last century, one of the best British films (no not that one) and then thereís always carnival, Europeís biggest street festival. Add into this the race riots of the 1950s, Live Aid, Bob Marley, the Clash and a ghost bus as well as a stunning mix of people and astonishingly different architecture. We try to fit it all in. Oh and if you really want to know where that door was after all that Wed* 7:30pm Outside Notting Hill Gate tube station, north side by the book shop.

Waterloo Sunset:

Lambeth & Waterloo


May be the finest song about London ever written but do you know the area of Waterloo? Or who was assassinated on the Bridge using an umbrella? Fancy doing a Lambeth Walk past the station of the dead? Or would you prefer to enjoy the riverside views and cultural centre that is the South Bank. You get it all anyway along with an introduction to the area past and present as well as some useful pointers to making the most of a place most famous until 200 years ago for shooting ducks. Wed* 7:30pm Outside Lambet North station.

Satan's Church and his son's local:

 Bloomsbury & Holborn


Only in Britain could the self proclaimed son of the devil have a local pub. No drinking there it's just to whet your appetite but the tour does end in a haunted pub. En route you can make the acquaintance of an interesting array of spectres, pass a church built on pagan lines, see where London's oldest occult bookshop is and learn about the cursed area of St. Giles. A former leper colony, site of Hogarth's Gin Lane pictures and today home to a booming drugs economy cheek by jowl with some of London's most famous tourist attractions. This is a chilling tour in many ways and should make you look at London with fresh and more wary eyes. Wed* 7:30pm At 10 Coptic Street. English Out there

A walk down to an electric avenue: Brixton


A Windmill in a built up area, a fantastic old market, where the theatre folk and a wild west hero used to live. Not what you were expecting? Well London rarely is. Geographically this is the shortest walk and due to the hectic and busy street life (i.e. there is nowhere to stand and talk) numbers are limited to eight people. Brixton, widely regarded as the capital of black Europe, has changed rapidly over the past few years not all for the better to many people. Learn the facts about an area that virtually everyone in Britain has an opinion about but very few know. Your guides are all current or former Brixton residents who love an area much maligned but with more to be proud of than most. People considering coming on this walk should know that smoking cannabis is not actually legal in Lambeth just decriminalised, that and much else will be explained. Wed* 7:30pm  
East side Story: Spitafields This tour celebrates the waves of immigrants who have made this area what it is and the changes that are currently afoot both around Spitalfields and nearby Shoreditch. There will be no glamorisation of serial killers or for that matter any other dead criminals on this tour as there is so much else to consider. There are four separate markets for example, dozens of curry houses, a booming nightlife and art scene. Yet still in the shadows of Europe's financial heart poverty, prostitution and the drugs economy thrive. Perhaps nowhere else in London does the past and present collide with such force as it does around these streets under the brooding presence of Nicolas Hawksmoor's stunning church at Spitalfields. Wed* 7:30pm Liverpool Street Station, Broadgate exit underneath Clock
The South Bank Wlak along the river Thames from Westminster to Southwark and see many famous London landmarks by the river. Wed 2:30 Embankment Tube station, riverside exit
St. James Starting at Green Park walk up St James to Jermyn Street. See some old fashioned shops, and the Queen's favourites. Plus an antique market and Wren's only West End church. Find hiden courtyards and end up at the Tudor Palace of St. James and Clarence House. Wed 2:30 Green Park tube station next to ticket barriers
Southwark Walk along the river Thames from Southwark bridge to Tower Bridge and see many London landmarks on the south side of the river,including Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Millennium Bridge, Hay's Galleria, Tate Modern and HMS Belfast Wed 2:30 Southwark tube station next to ticket barriers
Whitehall to Trafalgar Square See the splendour of the House of Parliament and Westmister Abbey. Walk up to Trafalgar Square. See the Commonwealth Office, Horse's Guard Parade and much more Wed 2:30 St James tube station next to  ticket barriers
The Inns of Court Explore Holborn and the four " Inns of Court", Lincoln's, Gray's, Inner Temple and Middle Temple. See some wonderful Victorian Gothic and Mock Tudor architecture and learn a little about the legal system in England. End up at the Strand and The Royal Court of Justice Wed 2:30 Holborn tube station next to ticket barrier
City Walk Exploring the very heart of the City and 2000 years of London's History, including London Bridge, St Stephen Walbrook Church and Mansion House. Wander down cobbled lanes to  St Mary-le Bow and the surrounding area of St Paul's Cathedral to finish up at The Museum of London Wed 2:30 Monument tube station next to ticket barriers
* Tours also offered on selected Sunday Afternoons at 3:00pm. Please check when booking.
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