We visit Cardiff, the official capital of Wales since 1955.

Its history comes a long way ,from the Roman 's departure, to the Norman invasion( Ruins from a fort built in 1093 still stands in the castle grounds).

Until the 18th century Cardiff was a small town around this fortress, but in1839 that the first dock was built and with the advent of the coal and iron exports from the rich  welsh valleys, Cardiff became one of the busiest ports in the world.

Today, Cardiff is a modern and prosperous city  and the first major stop to a visit to Wales


The valleys of the Rhondda were the heart of the South Wales coal industry since the 18th century. An industry that provided around 1/3 of the world's coal. 

The pits in the Rhondda closed in 1990. Today,  the Rhondda Heritage Park is the recreation of 1950's and late 19th century life through the eyes of colliers. An exciting underground experience guided buy ex-miners.

* Includes entrance to the former Welsh mine and a guided tour of  Cardiff
** Departure at 7:30am/ Return at 6:30pm  Outside International Students House in Great Portland Street
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