* Includes admission to Leeds Castle, 'the loveliest castle in the world'.

* Guided tour of  Rochester,  Charles Dickens' city of  'Great Expectations' .

* Free time to visit Rochester Norman castle and the city's  impressive cathedral.


Special events in Rochester:

May 5th - Sweeps Festival : The Festival has its roots in the Pagan Festival of Beltrane which was held to celebrate the beginning of Summer. The modern day festival is believed to be the biggest traditional May festival in England. As to why the chimney sweeps became involved some say it's because the beginning of Summer marked the end of their busy period.

June 9th -Dickens Festival :The festival takes Rochester back to the middle of the 19th Century with people dressed in period costumes. Characters from  Charles Dickens' ( Rochester most famous resident) novels roam the streets, with plenty of music, entertainment, recitals , talks, and parades of people in Victorian Costumes.

Departure at 8:30am / Return at 6:30pm Outside International  Students House in Great Portland Street
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