Four cycle tours around central London to choose from.

The routes have been designed to keep people away from the traffic. If things become complicated the guide will ask you to walk on the pavement. If you ask at the beginning of the tour they will provide you with a helmet.  The duration of the tours is around 3 hours. Lot's of fun in a different way to know London

Departure point for cycling tours: 1a Gabriel's Wharf , 56 Upper Ground , next to Oxo Tower



Tours start: Sunday 2pm

Distance: 9 miles

Duration: 3.5 hours



From the cycle hire centre at Gabriel's Wharf, where you will be equipped with a cycle of your choice and have time to gain your balance, before setting off at an easy pace with our guide. Moving west along the side of the River Thames, past the National Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall. Then stopping for that Kodak moment, to admire the architecture of the Houses of Parliament. Continuing past Lambeth Palace, where Sunday cricket matches are held, and then down streets lined with grand Victorian houses, on to Chelsea and the famous King's Road. Through museum land, stopping to hear about the successful Great Exhibition which was inspired by Prince Albert. From here, for the next three miles, you will be able to experience the freedom of cycling on roads that have been closed to traffic, through Hyde Park, along Constitution Hill, past Buckingham Palace, (maybe the Queens at home) down the Mall, to Trafalgar Square. There we meet the traffic again, and take a short walk through the square with Lord Nelson looking down on us, past the National Gallery. Remounting our bicycles, we then pedal through the back streets and alleyways of Covent Garden, theatre-land, home of the Royal Opera House, street theatre and much more. The trip is nearly over, winding its way back to the river and crossing over Waterloo Bridge; take a quick look back, what an amazing city!

Tours start: Weekdays

Distance: 6 miles

Duration: 3 hours


You would think that nothing exists in the centre of London the way people talk about the West End and the East End! This tour disproves them, travelling through some of the oldest parts of the capital. Starting on the South Bank, a gentle ride along the riverside to the reconstructed Globe Theatre. From there we head north over the river, to the disused fur-trading sector of the city, only a stone's throw from its modern relation, the Bank of England. Now east past the Guild Hall and out of the City, past remains of the Roman wall and on to Smithfields meat market, where some tales can be told. Across the buried course of the River Fleet, the street of jewellers, Hatton Garden, and then Leather Lane street market, with real London atmosphere. Next stop Gray's Inn, the picturesque heart of London's legal establishment. Still heading west to Theatre-land, along Drury Lane and into Covent Garden, to browse in some shops. All we have time for now is to cross the river again to take the bikes back to Gabriels Wharf.

Tours start: Saturday 2pm

Distance : 9 miles

Duration: 3.5 hours


What a unique way to explore the real working city of London. By joining a group tour, your experienced guide will be able to unravel the layers of history that have built up by the side of the river Thames, over a period of two centuries. The East Tour takes a route from our base at Gabriel's Wharf, along the river, stopping at attractions including the new Globe Theatre, Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hind, on to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.Over the bridge, to St. Katherine's Dock and then on to Brunel's tunnel, Tobacco Dock, experiencing the eerie atmosphere of the disused London docks. Cross the highway, into Cable Street and discover the true East End, the multi-national, multi-cultural London. Back to just out-side the City walls at Aldgate, learn the truth of who Jack the Ripper was, and what was covered up! Through the gate, to the City from poverty to riches (metaphorically speaking); a stunning contrast, London's financial district, the splendour of the Royal Exchange, the Mansion House and the Guild Hall, intermingled with modern design and a massive number of churches competing for space. And of course; including the glory of St. Pauls Cathedral. No tour would be complete, without enjoying plenty of gossip along the way!

Tours start: weekdays

Distance: 8 miles

Duration: 3.5 hours


There is no end to the surprises London has to offer, and south of the river is no exception. As we view in passing, The Millennium Wheel, the biggest observation wheel in the world, and one of the cities greatest innovations. Then heading briefly along the bank of the River Thames, with a magnificent view of the House of Parliament and Big Ben, then on a little distance further, Lambeth Palace the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Next a chance to get off the bikes and view the work produced by students of Morley Art College. Then by contrast on to the imposing Imperial War Mmuseum. Leaving Lambeth we move towards Borough, where the streets were walked by Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens amongst others. Through markets down alleys of medieval origin we enter the courtyard of the celebrated George Inn. Net Guy's and  St Thomas' Hospitals, which are amongst the premier medical teaching faculties in the world. The " Romantic" poet John Keats studied here. On we head towards the river past the former site of Jacob's Island in Bermondsey. This was " a rookery" a lawless slum and the site of the death of Bill Sikes in the novel " Oliver Twist". Reaching the river a turn to the west, from there on you are rewarded with a tremendous vista of Tower Bridge and the " Square Mile" behind....
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